Deck Waterproofing

Preserve Your Favorite Spot on The Planet With Deck Waterproofing.

Is your deck your getaway? Is it the place you thaw out as you wake slowly in the morning, or the place you sit and contemplate as the evening wears on? If you have memorable conversations out there, or if it is just a place you get away alone your deck is likely a pivotal part of what makes your house a home. This is why you want to make sure you are deck waterproofing appropriately so your place of retreat does not turn into a stress as it rots beneath your feet. Call us at Torch Works LTD for deck waterproofing. We use premium deck materials in a build or a repair, and we understand the science of water drainage and waterproofing to provide the best for your deck so it will continue to provide you a place of refuge from the everyday.

Wood is a great material to use for decks and it looks so nice, but you do have to take waterproofing and preservative measures you can choose from wood or a wood-like composite material that looks the same but lasts longer. Contact us to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

Nuralite waterproofing materials allow builders to “float” a deck over more waterproof materials to keep your top layer safe and dry. The technology is also used on flat roofs, green roofs, and basements. This impenetrable membrane system allows engineers to design more creatively and people to enjoy flat roofs without drainage issues. Ask about our Nuralite waterproofing options for your roof, deck, basement, or any other project you are designing.