Waterproofing Companies Auckland

Torch Works LTD Offers Waterproofing Services in Auckland and The Surrounding Areas.

If you have been searching for the best in waterproofing companies in Auckland, then check out our client reviews and ratings. We are proud to be among the best waterproofing companies Auckland and the surrounding areas.

Waterproofing Services Provided:


  • Basement — If you are smelling musty odors from your basement, do not brush it off as normal. We can waterproof your basement to prevent property damage, mold growth, and flooding.

  • Flat Roof — Waterproofing and Repair services for a flat roof are vital. There are many perks to flat roofs but one of the downsides is the fact that water can sometimes pool and have much more time to penetrate into the building. We are industry professionals when it comes to making sure your flat roof is sealed.

  • Deck — We use quality materials when it comes to all of our waterproofing services, including Nuralite Waterproofing for decks to keep your wooden areas beautiful and long-lasting.

  • Under-slab Membranes — The best time to waterproof is as you build, contact us at any stage of your project for waterproofing services.

  • Green Roofs — These roofs are a great way to improve the environment, reduce heat in the home, and provide a garden for the home in some cases. However, they have to be done correctly or water can seep in slowly causing significant damage.

  • More — We provide a variety of waterproofing services so be sure to ask us about any project you have in mind.

Contact us at TorchWork LTD to schedule our waterproofing services with one of the premium waterproofing companies Auckland. We are proud to say we have decades of experience serving a variety of happy clients with all of their waterproofing needs. If you are looking for security and watertight professional service, you will find the best with us.