Waterproofing Companies Northland

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You want the best when it comes to waterproofing because anything less leaves your building vulnerable to water damage. Since all water damage is considered serious it is vital to make sure no water gets into areas where you do not want it. Torch on waterproofing is a way to make sure your water seal is complete without a single area that moisture can get in.

Avoid the stress of water remediation and mold removal by preventing the water in the first place. We are one of the best waterproofing companies Northland, with over a decade in experience and a dedication to perfection in each and every project. Torch on waterproofing is the way to ensure that your home or business does not deal with water damage at any point. A torch on roof with three layers is known to last over 20 years, and repairing and replacing the technology after those decades is a simple process by the professionals with the right materials.

What is torch on waterproofing? Torch on is a sheet membrane that is applied to seal out water on roofs, decks, basements, and more. A torch is used to heat the membrane and the components within it to make a complete seal with no cracks or risky seams. The membrane is ideal under flat roofs where there may be an increased risk of water getting in. It is also ideal where water may be working to get into moist areas like a basement or on-ground deck. Call us to learn more.